Gordon E Frye

Historical & Military Consultant


MA History, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

BA History, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

Professional Experience

- Instructor & Supervisor, School of the Renaissance Soldier (2004-present)

- Executive Producer features Firestorm Rising, The Keeper (2001-2002) 

-  Historical Consulting and military training for various films: The Patriot (2000), Ride with the Devil  (1998), Two for Texas (1997), Rough Riders (1996), Alamo, The Price of Freedom (1987).

- Taught course on "Military History of Mexico", Contra Costa Junior College,1989.

-  Served as a member of the Symposium on Segesser Hide Paintings, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1986.

- Head of Costume Department, Living History Centre, 1984, conducting costuming seminars and workshops for staff, customers and guests, and costuming entertainment staff for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, CA.

- Substitute Teaching, Lincoln and Stockton Unified School Districts, 1981-1992.

- Teaching ASsistant to Dr. Walter Payne, Department of History, University of the Pacific, 1981.

- Provided archival work as a Graduate Assistant for the Holt-Atherton Center for Western Studies, University of the Pacific, 1980.

Recent Engagements

- "Firearms in the Romantic Age: 1600 to 1900", Romance Writers of America Conference, July 2008, San Francisco.


From Lance to Pistol: The Evolution of Mounted Soldiers, 1550 to 1600, MyArmoury.com

Middlesex Village Trading Company Doglock Pistol, MyArmoury.com

Firearms of the Southwestern Trade: 1821-1848, 1987.

John C. Fremont, Movie Myth vs. Fact, presented to the California History Insitute, April 1988.


Gordon is available to sit for artists, painters, and other visual artists, in addition to his work for film makers and writers.










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