Gordon E Frye

Historical & Military Consultant

The History Files


A bi-weekly podcast at the CSICON network. Usually between 40-60 minutes, sometimes with guests.

Gordon's Gun Closet


A bi-weekly podcast, also at CSICON, usually between 40-60 minutes and also sometimes with a guest. Firearms, mainly historical, are the focus.

Behind the scenes

What goes on at Bad Cat studios? Now it can be told...

There really is a bad cat at Bad Cat Productions. Her name is Elanor.

She's a kitty, and she's a pest.

Occasionally (ok, frequently) you may hear a rooster crowing in the background of our shows. That's Max, and he has yard patrol duty from sunup to sundown.

He's very chatty about it.

Movie Opinions

Appaloosa - An excellent western and the most underrated film of '07.

Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Gritty, garrulous, and gorgeous. 

True Grit (2010) - Straight-up hero tale of the real old west. 

The Wolfman (2010) -  Nice homage to the original with keen attention to period detail.

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