Gordon E Frye

Historical & Military Consultant

Past Lectures

"Firearms in the Romantic Age:  1600 to 1900"

"From Lance to Pistol: The Evolution of Mounted Soldiers from 1550 to 1600"

"Renaissance Warfare in Theory and Practice" 


Other potential topics might include, but are not limited to:

"Historical Horsemanship: Dragoons, Hussars, & Gentleman Equestrians" 

"The Life of a Cowboy: the real West in 19th c America"

"Life on the March: Military Campaigning in (pick a war or an era)" 

"A Real Knight's Tale" 







Current Repertoire


Bear in mind that this is not a "hard and fast" listing of available offerings. If there is a particular area of history, whether it be military, political, or material culture, that you seek knowledge of, please feel free to inquire. Referrals to experts in other fields can be readily made!

Upcoming Events